Stacey Solomon has battled a hidden health condition since she was 17 and had her first baby.

The mum-of-five has suffered with anaemia and low iron since she fell pregnant with her first child.

She also experiences symptoms when she has her period, which she initially put down to being a “typical” teenager.

Stacey has suffered with the health condition since she had her first baby (Credit: Splash News)

Stacey Solomon on health issue

Speaking to The Mirror, the Sort Your Life Out host said: “During my first pregnancy at 17, tests revealed that I was actually anaemic.

“I tend to drop when my period is due, as well as when I’m pregnant. Being low in iron makes me feel dizzy when I get out of bed and really lethargic – a lot like jet lag – with a lack of concentration. I feel like I can’t focus on anything for a decent amount of time.

Tiredness, lack of energy, shortness of breath and palpitations are all symptoms of anaemia. It is caused by blood loss and pregnancy, according to the NHS.

She said she has heavy periods for about three days, and in the week before, she feels “rubbish”. When she was prescribed iron supplements, she said her symptoms improved but she also had digestive issues.

Stacey has a unique blended family, with her and husband Joe Swash welcoming their third child together, Belle, in February 2023.

Stacey’s guilty over children

But Stacey has had doubts about her children’s upbringing.

Speaking on the Mad World podcast, she said: “I don’t look back and regret anything because what’s the point in that, it won’t get me anywhere.

Stacey continued: “Not that I didn’t [love him], I’m sure I did, I just didn’t feel it, and I didn’t get it. And it brings me tremendous guilt – especially when I love my other children when they’re born, I love them and this is amazing – I immediately think, wow, I was terrible when I had Zach.”

Stacey and husband Joe
Stacey and husband Joe have six children between them (Credit: Splash News)

“I was prepared to feel that way, and I knew it would pass – which is just the most comforting feeling, because when I was in it with Zach I genuinely thought I’m never going to be happy again, and I’ll never love my child and it made me feel horrendous.”

She added that she was then prepared to have unexpected emotions with all her babies.

Stacey explained: “When I had Rex I got exactly the same feelings, just gut-wrenching, deeply unhappy for no reason… I’m so happy but deeply unhappy and uncontrollably sobbing.

“But at least I knew while I was going through that that I would come out of it, so there were positives to come out of that. I really wish I didn’t feel like that, but it’s just who I am I suppose.”

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