Guaranteeing sensual dark-pop, REYA doesn’t disappoint with her awesome new single “kinda like it”. Her incredible vocals wrap around the stunning guitar chords to create a sultry track that we can’t help but love. This is the follow-up to her sophomore single “attention”.

REYA, real name Andrea Lindal, is a singer, songwriter, and producer who is based in London and is currently experimenting with this awesome dark-pop era of hers. She is of Chilean heritage, originally from Norway, grew up in Spain, and now living in the UK, which allows her to bring a multicultured vibe to her music. She’s launched onto the music scene, over the past year or two, under her first name, going on to release a total of six singles whilst studying her final year of her bachelor’s degree in Music Production. On top of that, her music got played on Norwegian national radio and BBC introducing, and she went on to perform at various shows in London, including supporting DAGNY, both in London and in Norway. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be, and for some reason, her music got taken down from all platforms. In October 2022, she returned, rebranded as REYA, and now, she is fully ready to storm the music industry with her incredible voice and stunning dark-pop music. Her debut single, “Body Talk”, quickly gained traction, and is currently her most-streamed single at 84k Spotify streams, although we can so see her 2023 singles, “attention” and “kinda like it”, trending and rising quickly as they’re both added to more and more playlists over the next few months. REYA is driven, determined, and prepared to step into the limelight and her awesome music is right there with her.

Written by Nick Ferreira, Plamen Vasilev, and REYA Lindal, whilst it has been produced by REYA Lindal and Jybe, “kinda like it” starts off with a driving guitar chord with the occasional drum beats all stripped back to allow REYA’s stunning vocals to flow right in from the start. The bridge allows her to strike her falsetto, leading the listener to expect an upbeat pop chorus, but she does one better by flipping our expectations and going dark, sultry, and sexy with the repeated title chorus vocalised in a luscious whisper. With an unstoppable dark beat, REYA really has stunned us all with “kinda like it” and we more than just kinda like it; with similarities to MARUV, this track is one we can’t get enough of.

Talking about the track, REYA said: “It was written during a time when I felt like I constantly got wronged by a person, and I put up with it for too long. I wanted to envision myself doing the same bad things to them as they did to other people. However, my mom raised me well enough to only imagine giving out such bad karma through a song, which was good enough for me. Essentially, it’s a way of taking the power back from, and giving it to yourself, and kinda liking the control that comes with it.”

Stream “kinda like it” by REYA on Spotify here:

“kinda like it” by REYA is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Facktor Records. We expect she refuses to let all her hard work go to waste a second time, so we reckon these songs are going to stick around, and we’re beyond happy as we add her new music to our playlists.

Talking about her new music, REYA said: “The underlying theme in my new music is essentially taking back control. Step by step, and one way of doing so, was by saying no thank you to certain behaviours and taking charge. This change can be so difficult, however living for someone else and not yourself is even more difficult in the long run. Choosing yourself is always worth the growing pains.”

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