As one of this generations most accomplished, and innovative songwriters, pop muse Kamille is responsible for creating some of the decades biggest hits! Known for collaborating with icons, and musical giants including Little Mix, Stormzy, Dua Lipa, Fred Again, Kylie Minogue, and more, the BRIT Award-winners natural ability, and intrinsic understanding of popular culture has afforded her the grace to enter many a diverse writers room to produce tracks that not only push the parameters of contemporary pop, but also define moments in time.

Having realigned her focus in recent years to discover, and develop her own artistic identity, the South London native now leads the charge of a new wave of R&B singers rising up through the ranks, with the release of her debut mini-album, “K1”.


Filled with scores of soulful grooves, striking rhythms, and euphoric hooks – that happily remain lodged in the brain for days – the entirely self-produced project finds Kamille in her element; sounding confident and self-assured to finally be thriving in her own lane, as she fuses R&B flavours with 80’s inspired disco beats, and classic pop melodies, to produce an empowering collection of 8 original tracks that explore themes of heartbreak, happiness, independence and self-empowerment. 

Opening to the sublime sounds of “Muscle Memory” – featuring the legendary Nile Rodgers – Kamille wastes no time in letting her guard down, by speaking aloud her desires to be reunited with a former flame who has brutally left her feeling lonely, and broken-hearted on the dance-floor. “Tears in my eyes ‘cause I’m missin’ you, I can’t find the rhythm, can’t shake off my regrets” the singer contemplates across the top of Rodgers funky, hip-hop tinged production, before conceding, “if you come back to me, you can find my love right where it used to be, I’ll keep dancin’ all alone until you hold me.”

The melancholy musings don’t last for long however, as the mood is soon lifted by girl power anthem, “Options”. Driven by both an addictive beat, and effortlessly infectious melody, the empowering track explores the clash of emotions a person feels when they are being unfairly treated like an “option” in their relationship. Never one to cower down to a man, or to condone such foolishness, Kamille (along with fellow recording artists Tamera and Bellah) encourages listeners to keep their girlfriends close, and turn the tables on the person being so reckless with their heart… “‘cause two can play that game!”  

The optimistic vibe, and upbeat pace of the project continues across high-energy tracks “Don’t Waste My Time” and “Time To Kill”, before softening slightly on “The Sun” – a beautifully introspective, self-fulfilling slow jam dedicated to the singers newborn baby son. Whilst album closer “Manifesting – Pt. 1” finds the star at her most creative and experimental, delivering the tracks life-affirming lyric with a level of credence and swagger befitting of the self-assured Queen she has become.

Filled with wall-to-wall bops, tender love songs, and copious amounts of sweet, sweet female attitude, “K1” is a solid first offering, that looks set to finally and firmly establish Kamille as a legitimate solo recording artist in her own right!

‘K1’ is available to download / stream now

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