Abby has moved in, the drama with Chancellor/Winters has been resolved, and he and Lily have made up. Is Devon in a happy place? “Absolutely. I think he’s been the happiest he’s been since losing the two key people in his life, being Hillary and his dad. It seems like everything’s moving in the right direction. He’s in love with his best friend, who’s also the mother of his child, so he couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Why did Devon ask Abby to move in not long after their friendship turned into something more? “He realized that the love they both have for each other has always been there. I mean, the goal for any couple, I think, is to end up with your best friend, and I think Devon and Abby realized that’s what has happened. And also, it just makes sense. They’re a family and that’s the most important thing to Devon, especially given his background, and he wants things to be stable for his son, so he doesn’t see a point in waiting. Considering the loss he’s been through, he knows how short life can be.”

Is cohabitating more about exploring the next step in their relationship or are they approaching this with a “Let’s just see what happens” attitude? “It’s definitely a solid step forward. I don’t think there’s any wiggle room of, ‘Let’s see how this is gonna go.’ As far as Devon is concerned, all signs point to this going really well, so that’s the only thing he’s anticipating. There are definitely more steps to be taken in their relationship but they’ll take them together.”

Speaking of family, where do Devon and Lily go from here? “I think that as long as they each have control over their respective sides of the company, they’ll be fine and be moving forward. There’s nothing really that can separate them anyway. I mean, she was responsible for killing his wife and [unborn] child, so if they can get past that and still be close, they can survive anything. I think as long as the lines of communication are open and everyone’s willing to hear each other out and really consider each other’s feelings, they’ll always figure things out.”

Now that that is taken care of, is Devon even interested in mending fences with his dad? “Absolutely — if Tucker can be sincere. There will always be a part of Devon that wants a true father, or a true piece of family, because he’s wanted that for all of his life. So, as much as Devon always pulls away or tries to put up walls, deep down he wants Tucker to be honest and real so that they can have as solid of a relationship as possible.”

Does Devon believe that Ashley and Tucker should be together? “Oh, yeah, because Ashley is an amazing woman who was close friends with Neil. Devon sees that Ashley has a positive influence on Tucker, but I don’t know if Devon thinks Tucker is right for Ashley given their history. At least she’s being very careful with Tucker so she can’t be manipulated or hurt. I also think it’s nice that Ashley is looking out for Devon’s best interest and wants to see father and son reconcile.”


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