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This is the way. Pedro Pascal’s net worth is skyrocketing after his starring roles in HBO’s The Last of Us and Disney+’s The Mandalorian. The two shows were instant hits with the plotlines of a man who is a grizzly smuggler who grows fond of the child he quasi-adopts…interesting.

Taking on small roles for more than a decade, Pascal rose to fame in Game of Thrones where he played Oberyn Martell during the fourth season. He then starred as Javier Peña in the Netflix crime series Narcos. On how he chose these huge starring roles as Joel in The Last of Us and Djin Jarin in The Mandalorian, he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m fascinated by seeing these kinds of fan-based experiences expand. You’ve got Game of Thrones and then Star Wars, and the whole gaming world was sort of new to me. Being held by [The Last of Us writer and showrunner Craig Mazin’s] incredible writing was really the best thing that I could ask for.”

So what is Pedro Pascal’s net worth? Read more to find out.

What is Pedro Pascal’s net worth?

Pedro Pascal

Image: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

What is Pedro Pascal’s net worth? Pedro Pascal’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Pedro Pascal was born in Santiago, Chile. His parents sought asylum in Venezuela when he was five after dictator Augusto Pinochet rose to power. His parents were Salvador Allende supporters and he recalled what happened in a Reddit Ask Me Anything. “They were involved in the opposition movement against the military regime. Which really meant that they were against crimes against the people, because it was a really dangerous time, and a lot of people who spoke their mind were disappearing and in danger, it was a very intense climate for many years, they tried to help some people and were caught. They actually snuck into the Venezuelan Embassy in Santiago, Chile and claimed asylum after being in hiding for about 6 months after finding out people were looking for them.”

His family later settled in the United States where he was raised between Orange County, California and San Antonio, Texas. He attended high school at Orange County School of The Arts and went on to attend New York University Tisch School of the Arts where he majored in acting. One of his first acting roles was in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. In an interview with ET, he remembered working with star Sarah Michelle Gellar, and remembering “Absolutely everything. I remember she had ice cream in her trailer, and she gave me some. She went back to her trailer, she got me some ice cream and she shared — ’cause it was a night shoot, it was in the middle of the night, and we were on the UCLA campus. They hadn’t built their college sets yet.” Pascal also went on to take some stage work where he wrote a play, directed by Sarah Silverman, Flaca Loves Bone and made his directorial debut in 2008 with underneathmybed.

As an actor, he openly talked about his struggles as an actor and taking on stereotypical Latino roles, those that include an occasional Law & Order episode. He said of the experience to Variety, “I was willing to do absolutely anything to work more. And that meant if people felt confused by who they were looking at in the casting room because his first name was Pedro, then I’ll change that. It didn’t work.” He befriended fellow Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac at an Off-Broadway play and bonded over their struggles as actors. “It’s gotten better, but at that point, it was so easy to be pigeonholed in very specific roles because we’re Latinos,” says Isaac. “It’s like, how many gang member roles am I going to be sent?” As with so many actors, the dream Pascal and Isaac shared to live the stories of their childhoods had been stripped down to its most basic utility. “The dream was to be able to pay rent,” says Isaac. “There wasn’t a strategy. We were just struggling. It was talking about how to do this thing that we both love but seems kind of insurmountable.”

Things turned around when his lifelong friend Sarah Paulson helped him audition for Game of Thrones and from there, his career exploded to mass fame. The following year he booked Narcos and he hasn’t looked back at all. He starred in Kingsman: The Golden Circle as Agent Whiskey and took on the role of Max Lord in Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman 1984. Pascal kept humble about his experience on the set of the superhero movie and was shy when asked if he’ll ever get another opportunity like it. “It will never happen again,” Pascal said to Variety. “It felt so special.” “I don’t know! I’m protecting myself psychologically! It’s just all too good to be true! How dare I!”

He joked around with Wired about his late career success. “I was consistently working, and it was a total struggle in such a typical way, but there was always somebody that would be able to bail me out—to help me pay my rent or help me get groceries.” When he was asked if he was rolling around in money like Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal, he responded, I don’t have the bod for that. She’s basically the only one who could pull it off. Yeah, I get my cash. I spread it all over my bed and I roll around in it.”

How much does Pedro Pascal make on The Last of Us?

Pedro Pascal Last Of Us

Image: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

How much does Pedro Pascal make on The Last of Us? According to Variety, Pedro Pascal makes $600,000 per episode making him one of the highest-paid actors of 2023. The first season of The Last of Us contains nine episodes, so in total, he earned $4.5 million.

Pascal was cast in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In a profile of the show with The Hollywood Reporter, Pascal said that he immediately wanted the role but was scared that he couldn’t get it. “We talked about the fact that he was in The Mandalorian,” Mazin says. “And you can do the math like: Mandalorian = Joel; Baby Yoda = … but then you realize, actually, no. It’s not the same. The Mandalorian is interacting with a mute, adorable creature — and I love that show. But interacting with a teenager is complicated. Also, the fact they have him covered in a helmet is a huge factor.” Pascal played the video game in order to prepare for the role of Joel, “It definitely came to mind,” he says of the show’s comparison. “As I [got familiar with the game], I noticed there are so many things I’ve seen that visually or thematically reference The Last of Us. Like [the 2017 X-Men movie] Logan. And yes, the trope has been used in so many different ways — you can go back to [the manga series] Lone Wolf and Cub, you can go to Paper Moon. But as far as Mandalorian and The Last of Us existing in close proximity, for me, it’s the best double-dipping I could possibly imagine.”

He also gushed about working with co-star Bella Ramsey who plays Ellie in the show. “It was incredible. So lucky. We were both really nervous. We know that the story is very dependent on the connection between these two central characters, and there was no way to really know how that was going to turn out.”

How much does Pedro Pascal make on The Mandalorian?

Pedro Pascal

Image: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

How much does Pedro Pascal make on The Mandalorian? Pedro Pascal’s The Mandalorian salary has not been disclosed, but according to insider Daniel Richtman, Pascal asked for a raise for season three of the Disney+ series.  Gina Carano confessed after she was fired from the show that she earned between $25,000 and $50,000 per episode and that the stars made much more.

Playing a helmeted bounty hunter with a high salary has some sacrifices though. “It’s like putting on a head-to-toe glove with weights on it,” Pascal told Empire magazine. “It’s ironic that you can’t see any facial expression because it puts you in the world so completely, and instantly makes the character feel real, but you can’t see shit!”

The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+. Here’s how to watch it for free.

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