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Offset Roasts Shannon Sharpe For His Tight Pants: "You Too Big For That!"
Offset Roasts Shannon Sharpe For His Tight Pants: “You Too Big For That!”

Offset is currently trending following the release of a new episode of Club Shay Shay which features the former Migos rapper. In a viral clip from the interview, Set trolled host Shannon Sharpe, calling him out for some of the outfits he’s been spotted wearing lately most especially his very tight pants.

Offset didn’t hold back on how he feels about Shannon Sharpe in those tight pants, he clearly made it known to him that he’s just “too big” for pants like that.

“You gotta stop wearing them tight pants bruh,” Offset said. “I can’t do that,” Shannon responded. “You got to bruh, tryna tell you like a player,” Set reiterated. “I aint finna let them change me man,” Sharpe replied. “It ain’t about that, you’re just too big,” the rapper said. “But I’m comfortable.. I’m comfortable,” Sharpe responded and they both burst out laughing.

The video was reposted by The Neighborhood Talk and it’s been garnering reactions from fans. “Offset be tryna help yall. vou see Bobbi been cute ever since,” someone commented, referencing Offset and Bobbi Althoff viral interview.

“Casually, telling him he too big for something in his face is wild,” another person wrote. “Unc ain’t having it S he ain’t letting them leggings go,” someone else penned. “Offset is low key funny,” a fourth user added.

Similarly, back in September, Offset made headlines after he roasted Bobbi Althoff on her “The Really Good Podcast”. Althoff told the rapper that she had “never heard of Offset” and that she had “Googled” him on the way to the interview.

Offset then clapped back saying, “I had to go on TikTok, I couldn’t even Google you. You’re not there yet. But you’ll be there. But you’re on TikTok.” He then went on to roast her fashion sense.