Miami Dolphins Star Tyreek Hill & Family Safe Following Massive Fire At Athlete’s $6.9 Million Mansion

Tyreek Hill’s 2024 has seemingly started a little rocky.

According to reports, today (Jan. 3) while the Miami Dolphins star was at practice his $6.9 million Florida mansion caught on fire. Footage taken by local news stations captured Tyreek Hill, 29, arriving at the property and embracing his wife, Keeta Vaccaro, as the fire department worked to put out the flames. At the time of this report, it’s unclear what exactly started the fire. However, firefighters reportedly appeared to pay close attention to the highest parts of the mansion, which is where a den, theatre, and many of the bedrooms are said to be located.

Tyreek Hill & his wife

Aerial footage showed thick grey smoke coming from the property as firefighters cut a hole in the roof and showered the home in water to battle the blaze. There were people reportedly inside when the fire started around 2 p.m., however, everyone was thankfully able to exit the residence with no injuries.

In other Tyreek Hill news, a few weeks ago the professional athlete made headlines for being hit with two paternity and child support suits from two different women. The lawsuits were filed shortly after he married his longtime girlfriend.

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