Are they? Aren’t they? It seems these two face break-up rumors ever 3 business days. Now, the latest Lori Harvey and Damson Idris split rumors are swirling harder than ever. But Monday night, both of them posted evidence that they’re currently in New York City and it has folks possibly hitting the brakes on those break-up rumors.

Over the weekend, rumors went wild that Lori had once again loved ’em and left ’em. (We salute a queen who knows when to hold ’em and fold ’em, TBH.)

Fans started pointing out that both Lori and Damson unfollowed each other and deleted pics of each other from their socials. And it’s been quite a bit of time (like, some weeks, let’s not be dramatic) since they’ve posted each other.

Naturally, the breakup rumor took over social media and is now what plenty of people are believing. Lori’s track record of moving TF on when she feels like it, even right after being all loved up on IG with her man, definitely gives credence to the rumor. It doesn’t mean a break up is confirmed though…yet.

Interestingly, both Lori and Damson popped up in NYC last night. It seemed like Damson was trying to hide this fact when he posted and deleted an IG Story of him in the NYC streets.

The two have been attending separate events AND the same event, separately. Are they intentionally trying to keep folks guessing? It wouldn’t be the first time.

Damson did pull up to last night’s NY Knicks game:

He flew solo, even though he and Lori were def courtside at the Lakers vs. Warriors season opener just last month. He was also spotted arriving – solo – to Odell Beckham Jr.’s birthday party.

Meanwhile, Lori had a super busy night. She started it off at the 2023 CFDA Fashion Awards. She pulled up to the Museum of Natural History looking STUNNING in fresh-off-the-runway Luar.

She shared a few pics on her Stories flexing her jewels, then she was spotted pulling up to OBJ’s b-day party as well. Solo.

Things are definitely getting interesting. What’s even more interesting is that the two likely met on this very day last year…at Odell Beckham Jr.’s 2022 birthday party. It was just a few months before they made their first public outing as a couple in January 2023. Check the flashback:

If they are pulling a keep ’em guessing-style stunt for engagement, we wouldn’t even be surprised. Lori’s a pro at that move at this point, and Idris is no stranger to how the industry works either.

Photos: IG/Getty


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