Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, French Montana, Drake

Kendrick Lamar Trends As Social Media Users Discuss Resurfaced Audio Clip Of Him Seemingly Dissing Big Sean, French Montana, Drake, & More

Audio footage of Kendrick Lamar taking shots at a few rappers has thrown social media users into a frenzy.

Internet users caused the “Rich Spirit” artist to trend early yesterday while giving their thoughts on a resurfaced song where he seemingly dissed several of his fellow musicians.

According to reports, the shelved record seems to focus on the rap beef Kendrick Lamar had with Big Sean and Jay Electronica dating back to 2013. One report recalls the Compton artist shaking the hip-hop world after appearing on Sean’s single “Control”, which also featured Electronica, and then subsequently taking shots at both of the rappers in his music. The report suggests Lamar took issue with his collaborators at the time in effort to establish his dominance as a rising rap icon.

Years later, Sean was speculated to have subtly dissed Lamar, though he never addressed his fellow artist by name. Electronica, however, wasn’t shy about speaking on his issues with the decorated artist. In 2016, he reportedly referred to Lamar as his “son” during a live stream, which is a serious offense in the rap world. He added that his fellow rapper wishes he could be him, but insisted the two are still “brothers”.

In the resurfaced diss track from Lamar, he directly called out Sean, Electronica, and added French Montana in the mix as well. As far as the “Unforgettable” rappers part in the beef, Montana reportedly tried to down play Lamar’s Grammy awards, suggesting in a 2016 interview he was “positioned” to win. In Lamar’s diss track, which is a rendition of his single “Element” from his 2017 critically acclaimed project “D*mn”, he stated:

“French Montana speaking on me in interviews/ Very cynical, dry hating something I don’t approve…Jay Electronica threw silencers on my GRAMMY night/ Another dead Prophet hoping the God’ll give ’em life.” 

Zeroing in on Sean, he continued:

“Big Sean keep sneak dissing, I let it slide/I think his false confidence got him inspired
I can’t make ’em respect you, baby, it’s not my job/You’re finally famous for who you date, not how you rhyme (boy)
Cute a*s raps, get your puberty up/Make you a classic album before you come at us
Drake and Meek Mill beef might got you gassed up/But I’m a whole ‘nother beast, I’ll really f**k you up”

Once social media users got wind of the record they were quick to chime in with their thoughts. Many took the Drake and Meek Mill verse as a reference instead of a shot. A few noted, however, that neither would want to go toe to toe with Lamar lyrically. Others questioned if the song could possibly be AI generated. As a few noted, however the record originally made its way to the internet back in 2019 before the AI era began. Thus, it’s likely Lamar did actually record the verse despite not dropping it. Some users simply pondered on how they feel an actual beef between Lamar and Sean would’ve went, noting that that seems to be who Lamar went at most aggressively.

In 2020, Sean released a record on his album “Detroit 2” where he revealed that he reached out to mend things with Lamar following the death of Nipsey Hussle. The rapper suggested the two didn’t even have real beef, and that their issues stemmed from miscommunication. It is unclear where Lamar stands with Montana and Electronica. however.


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