Jodie Turner-Smith doesn’t give a F**K!

Off the heels of her divorce from Joshua Jackson, the Queen & Slim star reportedly went on a bit of a tangent about how much of a “mediocre” man the Fatal Attraction star is! During Thursday’s episode of the Deux U podcast, DeuxMoi revealed the account of an anonymous tipster who heard it go down…

This listener claimed to have been present at a screening of the highly acclaimed French film Anatomy of a Fall last month for the Directors Guild. The intense drama tells the story of a murder trial in which a novelist (Sandra Hüller) is accused of killing her husband, who may or may not have been envious of her success.

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OK, so this witness claims Jodie, who was hosting a Q&A about the film, went IN on her ex-husband. The tipper claimed:

“I was at this screening of Anatomy of a Fall before Christmas and Jodie Turner-Smith was the moderator. And she was so open about what happened in her marriage to Joshua Jackson. It was honestly shocking. She said that, like the woman Sandra plays in the movie, Jodie herself knows exactly what it’s like to be in a marriage that fails because the man is mediocre.”

DAMN. No she didn’t! She did NOT say that about Pacey! Wow… The anonymous message continued:

“I s**t you not, she used the word ‘mediocre’ about Joshua Jackson. It was unbelievable. So it definitely sounds like from everything she said, that Jodie thought of Joshua as pathetic with a career that was going nowhere, and was miserable because of it, and took it out on her. So she divorced him.”

Whoa!! It’s not like Joshua doesn’t have anything going for him! He has a steady filmography and has starred alongside big names like Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Dominic West, Mandy Moore, and many others! He’s consistently kept doing great work on TV for decades, too!

The message continued:

“It was definitely shocking. I was honestly so shocked I didn’t record a video because it was so bizarre and personal for Jodie to open up the way she did. But I figured someone else shot a video and it would make the news the next day. I couldn’t believe it didn’t … It was on December 4th at the Directors Guild in Los Angeles. It seemed like Jodie volunteered to moderate that screening because she connected with the film so much. She had a whole journal of thoughts she’d written about the movie that she was reading from.”

That’s pretty wild… And honestly, just flat out mean spirited…

The tipper also submitted a photo of the Sex Education actress holding the journal. Dang! Listen to the full podcast episode (below):

Boy, if Joshua was “caught off guard” by the divorce, just WAIT until he hears about this!

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