“The choice to wear shapewear is a personal one and while by no means essential, if it gives some added confidence then go for it,” advises Kate Halfpenny, founder and creative director of Halfpenny London. “Some women swear by it, some can’t get on with it at all, and others choose to wear it primarily because it provides a smooth, seamless look under dresses. It totally depends on the individual.”

A lot of thought, attention and craftsmanship goes into a wedding dress, and the last thing you want is a VPL on show due to some ill-fitting undergarments. So try to not make it a last-minute decision a day or two before the wedding day, either, as you will want to spend time ensuring you have shapewear that will sit undetected under your bridal look.

“If you’re unsure of the best style to buy then always chat to your bridal stylist and she’d be happy to give you personalised recommendations specific to the wedding dress you’ve chosen, whether that be styles to suit a low back or leg split, for example,” advises Halfpenny. “It’s essential to find the closest match to your skin tone and the edges should never pinch or roll, so if that’s happening you should try a different size. The perfect pair will be completely invisible under your dress.”

“Non VPL, stick on bras, nipple stickers, strapless plunge bras – wedding lingerie it is a bit of a minefield,” says Jess Kaye, co-founder and co-designer at The OWN Studio. Her advice is to stick to the styles you usually feel confident in; “comfort is paramount, so if you don’t normally wear thongs for example, your wedding day is not the time to experiment,” she says.

Tips for finding the right shapewear for your wedding, plus how we chose the best bridal shapewear:

  • Consider booking a fitting for your bridal underwear and shapewear – I had a brilliant experience at Selfridges, and The Pantry Underwear in Islington offers specific bridal services.
  • Buy it at least a few weeks in advance of the big day – when I came to buy a strapless bra they were sold out everywhere in my size as it was event season and it turns out there was a surge in demand.
  • Don’t wear any underwear underneath your shapewear, as this will ruin the smooth finish and create bumping or visible lines.
  • Choose shapewear as close to your skin tone as possible, so it will be invisible under your dress.
  • Bring the shapewear to your final dress fitting and test whether you can see it as you walk and move.
  • Remember: shapewear should never compress your movement, but sculpt and smooth instead.
  • If you are wearing a silk dress, Kaye advises you avoid anything lacy and opt for non-VPL shapewear.

When it comes to brands, several bridal boutiques have told me that Skims is the best bridal shapewear, while on the high street Marks and Spencer offers a number of clever solutions for under £30. “For shapewear we generally look to Skims, Spanx, Fashion Forms or The Pantry Underwear,” says Kaye. “For nipple covers and stick-on bras, we recommend silicone covers like those from Nipples and Nood.”

See below for our extensive guide to the best bridal shapewear for your wedding day.

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