Panel of Experts: Wally Kurth (Ned), Katelyn MacMullen (Willow) and Cameron Mathison (Drew)

Kurth: “I think it’s Josh [Swickard, Chase]. He and James Patrick Stuart [Valentin] get really goofy together and giggle like schoolgirls [laughs].”
Mathison: “Chad [Duell, Michael]. No one else comes close. He’s like a Golden Retriever puppy that you’ve got to rein in.”
MacMullen: “Chad, obviously. Out of nowhere, he’ll just start dancing. He’s constantly singing, constantly laughing, constantly pranking me. I could go on and on! He certainly keeps things interesting.”

Kurth: “Amanda Setton [Brook Lynn]. She’s always got a smile on her face, even when it’s early.”
Mathison: “Laura Wright [Carly]. She’s got really good, positive energy. She’s like a bright light walking into a room.”
MacMullen: “Josh Swickard, even though he just had a baby. He always manages to be chipper and optimstic even at 6 a.m.”

Kurth: “Amanda.”
Mathison: “Finola Hughes [Anna] or James Patrick Stuart. They’re big rehearsers.”
MacMullen: “Either Laura Wright or Cameron Mathison. They always know their stuff.”

Kurth: “Lisa [LoCicero, Olivia].”
Mathison: “Maybe Maurice [Benard, Sonny], just because he’s always doing, like, 17 shows a day [laughs].”
MacMullen: “Cynthia [Watros, Nina], which is why it’s so fun to work with her. She adds in little things here and there.”

Kurth: “Finola or Cynthia. I’ll say Cynthia because it has such a nice, homey feel to it.”
Mathison: “Finola.”
MacMullen: “Eden [McCoy, Josslyn] has a fantastic dressing room. Hers is so cool. She has posters up of movies and musicians and this little couch set-up that’s so cute. I was just in there for the first time the other day and I was like, ‘Dang, your room is awesome!’ ”

Kurth: “Chad’s is very low-key.”
Mathison: “I do. There’s literally nothing up on my wall. There’s a couch and a table that was there before and that’s about it. It has zero personality.”
MacMullen: “He’s not on the show anymore but Johnny Wactor [ex-Brando] did. He only had, like, an LED light strip. It actually made the room look really cool because it turned different colors, but that was the only thing he had up. There was no art or anything.”

Kurth: “Kin Shriner [Scott] is always in the green room spouting advice to all of us! I don’t know if it’s the best advice but it’s worth listening to because it makes me smile and laugh!”
Mathison: “Laura Wright. We’ve been working together for a year and she knows a lot about me and I feel like we’re really there for each other in a lot of ways, so I’d say her.”
MacMullen: “I actually keep a note section in my phone because so many people I work with give me such good advice every day, which is so nice. But I’d say Laura Wright because I work with her so consistently and she’s become such an incredible advice-giver for me. She’s so supportive and puts things in perspective for me.”

Kurth: “I’ve only worked with her a few times, but Brook Kerr [Portia]. She always greets me with a sweet smile and a, ‘Hi!’ She’s lovely.”
Mathison: “Cynthia.”
MacMullen: “Donnell [Turner, Curtis]! He’s so lovely.”

Kurth: “Jane Elliot [Tracy]. When she asks a question and people are talking, she’s really dialed in and present.”
Mathison: “James Patrick Stuart. We’re not necessarily close, but the moments I’ve gotten to spend chatting with him, he’s been super-present.”
MacMullen: “Cynthia is an incredible listener. Like, you’ll start talking and she’s just all about you. You can tell she just wants to be there for you and present with you and you feel like you can talk about anything with her.”

Kurth: “Dominic [Zamprogna, Dante]. He brings in a lot of great detail.”
Mathison: “Kin Shriner! The guy’s a legend. He’s done it all, seen it all and he’s such a character.”
MacMullen: “Laura has great stories and I love listening to them!”

Kurth: “One of the Michaels — Michael Knight [Marti] or Michael Easton [Finn].”
Mathison: “Tabyana [Ali, Trina]. She’s got a lot of personal style and flavor.”
MacMullen: “Tajh [Bellow, TJ]. Every time he comes to set in his own wardrobe, I’m like, ‘Wow, he has amazing taste in jewelry!’ And people are always like, ‘Oh, my gosh, your shoes are so cool!’ ”

Kurth: “Maura West [Ava]. She really transforms into Ava. Ava has a lot of artifice and Maura is just the opposite. Maura is so grounded and down-to-earth and unassuming.”
Mathison: “Charles Shaughnessy [Victor]. He’s such a fun, bubbly guy.”
MacMullen: “Avery Pohl, when Esme was such a bad girl. Avery is such a sweetheart and so down-to-earth and when I saw her playing Esme, I was like, ‘Dang, what a transformation!’ ”


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