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I’m honestly surprised by this one: Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Jackman have separated. They’ve been together since 1995!! [People]

This is an interesting piece from Lainey about how SAG-AFTRA might be calling in the big big guns as the strike drags on.

Hoo boy, Cathy Horyn did NOT hold back here. At The Cut: “Lost in the Machine: After a century of marrying risky artistry with commercial savvy, the fashion industry has all but abandoned design talent.”

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis…what are you doing? [Pajiba]

Related: Topher Grace, at least, is coming out of this with his hands clean and on the right side of the story — that of Danny Masterson’s victims. [Celebitchy]

Per Socialite Life, apparently Sharon Osbourne has had beef with Ashton Kutcher for YEARS.

ACK, I love some of these J.Crew Icons pieces — modeled by Lauren Hutton, who looks amazing. [affiliate link]

Please believe me when I tell you I bookmarked this IMMEDIATELY: 100 Easy Dinner Recipes for Right Now. [NYT, gifted link]

I have thoughts about THIS but I’ve never tried the winning one! Which Boxed Yellow Cake Mix Is Best?  (I’m a Betty Crocker girl all the way and also I believe I have NEVER made a yellow cake by scratch that turned out as well as a boxed one.) [Bon Appetit]

At Smithsonian: The Quest to Save the World’s Most Coveted Chocolate

This is so good: The Art of Dressing an Up-and-Coming Star. Logistics!!! [InStyle]

Who would have guessed that Nelly and Ashanti would get back together? I guess it’s getting hot in therre!!! (We will never stop making that silly joke, I’m sorry.) [Lainey]

Fascinating: The Spy House Next Door. [The Washingtonian]

Honestly, this might be my dream Breton stripe shirt? SO MANY OPTIONS. [affiliate link]

Prepare to argue. At the AV Club: The 50 greatest music videos of all time, ranked.

Apartment Therapy asks: How Early Is Too Early to Decorate for Halloween? My own take is that it has to at least be October.

So interesting: How Lego bricks went from five colors to nearly 200. [WaPo, gifted link]

A great interview with Jenna Lyons at Shut Up Evan.

At Vulture: I Watched 8 New Movies Directed by Actors. Are Any of Them Actually Good?

Harper’s Bazaar named the 56 Most Innovative Beauty Products of 2023.

And Architectural Digest listed the 21 Best New Hotels around the world. (I love a list!) These look DREAMY.

Finally, I’d like to pass along a request from a Fug National:

I work at a public school in L.A. as a special education teacher (TK-8th grade). Most of my students are struggling readers and reading several grade levels below their age. They often experience frustration and embarrassment during reading as they have to choose between books that are right for their age but way too hard for them, or books at their right level that are written for a much younger student.
I have created a wishlist of books that are meant to target this issue. They are high-interest, low-level books that are written specifically for struggling readers. Now my students will have age-appropriate, exciting books that are at the right level for them. They will be able to practice their reading skills while also developing a love for reading and building their confidence.


Thank you so very much from me and my students!

If any of you other teachers have similar lists, please of course also feel free to share them in the comments!

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