They don’t want to move Nicole, just in case something else is wrong with her,” explains Zucker. “But because the baby came a little early, Leo thinks Dimitri should take him to the hospital. Of course, Nicole is like, ‘No. You can’t take the baby. I have to go with my baby.’ But they convince her not to go, to stay there and just wait for help.”

As fate would have it, Eric ends up arriving at the crash scene and stops when he sees Nicole and Leo on the side of the road. Leo leaves to find Dimitri, and Eric stays behind with Nicole.

Eric is someone Nicole trusts and someone who is so deeply close to her,” notes Zucker. “She knows she’ll get the help she needs. Eric’s concerned about the baby, but also Nicole’s health, too. He wants to make sure that she’s okay. She’s been in a car accident. They don’t know if there’s internal bleeding or if she’ll die before she gets to the hospital.” 

Meanwhile, Nicole is filled with concern for her missing child and how the premature infant is faring. “Nicole finally got to carry this healthy baby all the way through, and now he’s gone,” sighs Zucker. “She’s wondering, ‘Has he eaten? Is he alive at this point?’ That’s when she panics. That’s when the fear comes in.”