Yet again, Prince Harry offended the royal family with his legal suit against the British tabloids. Yes, it looks like The palace appears to be ruffled by Prince Harry’s phone-hacking action against News Group Newspapers. Some people appear to dislike the Duke of Sussex’s pursuit of a member of the Royal Family; they would have preferred him to follow in the footsteps of his brother, Prince William.

The Royals dislike Prince Harry being involved and want him to follow what Prince William does in such situations.

According to palace sources, Prince Harry should have accepted a covert bribe from the media, as William did in 2020. Instead, they are unhappy that he “went rogue” and made the fight public.

While the siblings are both entitled to compensation for the wrongs done to them, the royal family does not appear to be willing to call out the bad (and criminal) behaviour. This is because of their intricate relationship with the Royal Rota.

What is the Royal Rota?

The press pool that covers the British royal family is called the Royal Rota. A small group of journalists who are invited to attend and cover royal occasions make up the Royal Rota.

Prince Harry’s official testimonial might have created another crack in their relationship.

In his witness testimony, Harry said that his father’s office, Clarence House, hindered “every move” he attempted to obtain an apology from Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. He said his father had a “specific long-term strategy” to ensure Queen Camilla received favorable coverage during her ascension to the throne.

According to royal family insiders, “there was no secret agreement,” and the palace attempted to establish an “institutional resolution” that was advantageous to both Harry and William. According to the insider, “this was not about individuals.”

The present update on the case And did Prince Harry and William’s privacy get invaded?

There appears to be a huge issue about how much William and Harry knew about the phone-hacking case, which dates back to 2012. It appears that the brothers were given different degrees of knowledge, which is why Justice Fancourt is challenging the “factual inconsistency” of the Duke of Sussex’s present argument vs. his 2019 claim.

These problems will have to be resolved in court, but the main conclusion is that News Group Newspapers violated Harry and William’s privacy.

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