In Coronation Street spoilers for next week, Roy prepares to die as he goes in for his operation at the hospital.

Fearing that he might die on the operating table, Roy writes some letters for his loved ones to read if he doesn’t make it.

But, as Roy puts these preparations in to place and heads for surgery, will he make it to the other side in Coronation Street spoilers?

Roy writes some letters (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Roy prepares to die

Viewers will know that Roy has been experiencing a shortness of breath and some chest pains ever since his salsa class. He then was referred for some tests.

This week, Roy is worried about taking Freddie the dog on a walk so Evelyn offers to accompany them both.

However, soon enough Freddie spots a cat and begins to chase it but Roy can’t keep up because of his chest pains.

As Roy collapses, Evelyn rings for an ambulance. He then finds out that he will need an operation.

Next week, Freddie goes in for an operation, with Nina telling Evelyn that Freddie’s operation has caused Roy to worry about his own. He’s been sleepwalking due to his worry.

As Roy sleepwalks and leaves the cafe door open, he goes searching for Freddie. He then reveals that he’s worried about his operation and hands Evelyn some letters to give to his loved ones should he die during the operation. But, will Roy die?

Will Roy die? (Credit: ITV)

Evelyn finds out Roy’s true feelings – but will he die?

Evelyn notices that there’s a letter addressed to her and desperately wants to know what it says. She supports Roy as he goes in for his operation.

Later on, deciding to read Roy’s letter to her, Evelyn is taken aback as she finds out Roy’s true feelings towards her. She goes to the hospital, ready to confess her feelings back to him.

However, she’s unable to do so as Yasmeen is sitting with Roy with a surprise for him. Will Evelyn be able to get a moment to admit her feelings to Roy?

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Roy Tells Evelyn About His Health Issues - Coronation Street 19th April 2023

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