“We are committed to exploring collaborative robotics to drive efficiencies and ease pain points for our employees,” Curt Garner, Chief Customer and Technology Officer at Chipotle, shared in the press statement. “The intensive labor of cutting, coring, and scooping avocados could be relieved with Autocado, but we still maintain the essential culinary experience of hand mashing and hand preparing the guacamole to our exacting standards.”

CEO of Vebu, also spoke on the test endeavor. “Our purpose as a robotic company is to leverage automation technology to give workers more flexibility in their day-to-day work,” Jordan said. “Autocado has the potential to work alongside Chipotle crew members to create the same, delicious guacamole that Chipotle fans love but more efficiently than ever before.”

Last March, the chain announced it was testing out Chippy, a robot that uses artificial intelligence to make tortilla chips — the first and only chip-making robot.

ONTD, do you like guacamole? And if not, why do you lack taste?

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