As I said in the earlier post, when I saw TMZ’s video of Prince William and the Princess of Wales walking out of the Windsor Farm Shop, I thought it was them but I also thought the whole thing was weird. The fact that there was a video all along, but the Sun ran the story without the video or photos for 24 hours. The fact that the woman in the video seems to have a completely different gait than the real Kate. The fact that there appears to be Christmas decorations up in the middle of March. The fact that Kate is carrying what looks like a somewhat heavy bag following her abdominal surgery. The fact that Kate is walking briskly and without aid following what we were told was major abdominal surgery. The fact that no one can seemingly get a clear photo or video of Kate and everything looks like the photos were taken with a potato. The fact that Kate’s face suddenly appears quite slim and un-puffy, after TMZ published blurry car photos two weeks ago where she looked sort of round-faced from steroids. It’s all just weird.

So, I don’t know what to believe anymore but I thought you guys would enjoy the theories and the social media. Next week will be the three-month anniversary of the last time Kate did an “event” – the walk to church in Sandringham. That was the last time anyone photographed her with a real camera. Things have gotten so nutty in three months. Kensington Palace has bungled all of this so badly, of course everyone questions whatever dumbass video they did in collusion with the Sun/TMZ. Of course we’ve got regular old celebrities and Twitter journalists commenting about their disbelief. All of this could have been stopped if KP had just released an unedited photo or video of Kate weeks ago. The fact that they’re still resorting to these increasingly bizarre stunts to provide “proof of life” is really telling.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, cover courtesy of The Sun.