The ‘Bad Guy’ hitmaker and her co-writer, brother Finneas O’Connell, were honoured for their song ‘What Was I Made For?’ from the ‘Barbie Soundtrack’ and they were “really really excited” to follow in the footsteps of previous recipients including George Clooney, Amy Adams and Viola Davis.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

Billie told ‘Entertainment Tonight’ “It’s so cool.

“I heard that it’s also never been given to a songwriter, which is such an honor, so we’re really, really, really excited.”

During her acceptance speech for the award, the 21-year-old singer apologised for getting “dark” after she dedicated the prize to “anyone who experiences hopelessness and the feeling of existential dread, and feeling like ‘What’s the point?’”

She added: “We all feel like that occasionally.

“I have really not wanted to be here. Sorry, dark, damn. I’ve spent a lot of time feeling that way. I want to say to anyone that feels that way, be patient with yourself, and know that it’s worth it all. And I think it’s good to be alive.”

The pair are still amazed they were involved with ‘Barbie’ at all but despite their connection to the film, were still able to watch it just as a “special piece of art”.

Finneas told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “It’s just such a special piece of art. I kind of still can’t believe that we’re part of it at all.

“When people talk about the Barbie movie and they said, ‘I love the Barbie movie,’ I’m like, ‘Me too.’ I forget that we had anything to do with it.”

And while Billie wasn’t upset to get a cameo in the film, she admitted she’d be interested in featuring in a sequel.

She said: “It wasn’t about that. It was so much. It was Barbie’s little heart thing. It’s not about me, it’s about her.”

Asked about the possibility of appearing in a potential sequel, she exclaimed: “Oh, god. I mean, we’ll see if the time comes. It would be crazy.”