Angie Harrington is leaving Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

The 41-year-old Bravo star confirmed in an interview with People that she is leaving the franchise, and she also explained the reason why.

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Angie said that she will be leaving the franchise in order to take care of her family, revealing that her son Hart, whom she shares with husband Chris Harrington, has been diagnosed with autism.

“I think we noticed that something wasn’t typical with Hart, probably around age one. He was extremely advanced physically. He was walking by 9 months. He was climbing on things, but he wasn’t saying those little words that you expected your 1-year-old to start saying,” he explained.

She added that finding a diagnosis wasn’t easy amid lockdowns.

“As you can imagine, everything was over Zoom, and oftentimes, when it’s about autism, it’s about the nuances and watching a child’s behavior. So we tried to do it over Zoom and it just came back inconclusive. They just wanted to do more testing, and so once COVID was over, that’s when we took him in to get an evaluation.”

Eventually, in late 2022, Angie got the confirmation from a doctor.

“He was like, ‘Okay, your son has autism.’ We were like, ‘Well, whoa. I thought you’re gonna prepare us for this.’ It was very clinical if that makes sense. And so that was an intense moment for sure. But at the same time, knowledge is power. We believe that.”

As she and her family adjust to making sure her son’s needs are met, she’s stepping away from the spotlight.

“I was offered to come back but this is just a time when my family really needs me, and I wasn’t able to commit to it,” she said, going on to explain how difficult sustaining full-time employment is for parents of children with autism.

“Statistics say that they make 56% less money than somebody with a neurotypical child.”

She said castmates Heather Gay and Meredith Marks have shown support.

“I shared with them that I have to choose my family right now. I already struggle with focus and the show adds another element of stress. I want to be able to give my kids what they need in this moment. And I have to wrap my head around what we’re doing with Hart in order to know how I can continue forward in my work as well. They were extremely supportive and wonderful.”

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