Amy Huberman Pic: Brian McEvoy

Amy Huberman was very glam when she walked the IFTA red carpet this weekend.

However, just hours before stepping out for the event Amy had absolutely no idea what she was going to wear.

The actor admitted that the dress she had ordered for the awards hadn’t arrived before she walked the carpet.

Instead, she had to get thrifty and head to rental company, Happy Days Style, for her gúna.

Speaking about the night, she admitted: “I’m fully hoarse and should be able to talk again by Wednesday.

“The dress I ordered for the event should also be here by Wednesday so I might go back out there again Wednesday eve but may not be as much craic. Thank you so much to rental for sorting me out ridiculously last minute.”

VIP Magazine recently caught up with Amy, who admitted that she could never imagine that her career would bring her to where she is today.

“I never went to drama school. I never studied English in university. So I never thought this was going to be the trajectory in my life,” she confessed.

Pic: Instagram/Amy Huberman

“I get to do a job I really love. The downside of it is there is no certainty. But that’s life. The flip side again is that a lot of it feels like an adventure because it’s the unknown. I do feel really, really grateful for the opportunities.”

She admitted: “I never thought I would write three books, back when I was in school. I wasn’t even the strongest in my class in English. I think there are opportunities for people to come at it from different angles. That’s been a joy as well. Everyone has a different story and a different way they’ve come to it.”

You can read our full chat here.


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