Edge Tutor International, which has grown into 20 countries across the Americas, Europe and other parts of Asia, will run under its own name as a separate entity to its former parent company.

The tutoring company has reported a 50% quarter-on-quarter growth, leading to the decision to break away from Edukasyon.ph – and former CEO of the parent company, Henry Motte-Muñoz, will take the title at Edge Tutor.

“The whole business is built around Filipino teachers – the ones that we select are highly skilled, and speak English with neutral accents. We see them as our strength,” Motte-Muñoz told The PIE News.

He explained that while they are separating from Edukasyon.ph as an entity, the agency’s ecosystem will still be accessible to them due to the company still being a part-shareholder.

“We can then build our own ecosystem – not just the eight million students a year, but dozens of university partners and corporations – and we also work with all the government bodies in the Philippines,” he noted.

Edge Tutor began as an English and Maths tutorial service for K-12 learners in the Philippines, but “growing international demand” called for its provisions to expand to clients worldwide.

It also now will provide teacher support to other tutoring businesses across the globe as part of its new system.

The company provides both a stringent interview process and training upon joining, Motte-Muñoz said.

“It’s very easy to recruit teachers. There’s a million licensed teachers; so finding teachers – and good teachers – is very hard, so we only accept 3% of teacher applicants,” he explained.

Once they are in, however, he said everyone’s job is to “retain the teachers”.

“We think of it as a teacher community – we do offline events for socialising, as one example.

“The whole business is built around Filipino teachers”

“We’re also the only private education company in the country that offers private health care. If you’re in the Philippines, you don’t usually get private health care,” he claimed.

The spin-off of Edge Tutor International was lauded by Edukasyon.ph’s current CEO, Grace David, who noted she is “confident” that it will “continue to grow and provide high-quality tutoring services to learners around the world”.

The system has been in a beta-stage for six months and has already trained a thousand teachers, according to Muñoz – these include both full and part-time teachers.

While the services are already offered in various continents, the organisation said more plans to expand will be announced in the coming months.


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