Hadley Gamble

CNBC anchor Hadley Gamble‘s contract will not be renewed when it expires this summer, reports Tatiana Siegal of Variety.

Siegel reports, “Gamble was part of a small CNBC team based in Abu Dhabi. She is known for launching a Middle East-focused program from her bureau and for being a key player in securing Saudi and Gulf advertising and sponsorship for the network. One finance world source says Gamble was well connected with the top finance players who traveled through the region. Another source who worked for CNBC on the international side says Gamble was not particularly popular at the organization.

“‘She’s the person the camera crews don’t want to work with, and that’s a telltale sign,’ says the source. ‘She’s hardworking in some ways, but she’s realized there’s more value to bagging a few big guests a few times a month, rather than working away at lower-level stories on a daily basis.’ A few years ago, she tried to move over to NBC News, but CNBC management blocked her from jumping ship, and it’s believed there might have been some bitterness since that happened.”

Read more here. Gamble filed a sexual harassment complaint that led to the firing of the NBC Universal CEO.

A CNBC spokeswoman told Talking Biz News: “We’ll decline to comment. We wouldn’t comment on employee contracts.”


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