Thailand and China launch direct cargo rail link connecting Nong Khai and Chongqing via Laos, enhancing trade routes and economic cooperation.

Thailand-China Direct Cargo Rail Link Launched

Thailand and China have successfully launched their first direct cargo rail link this week, connecting Nong Khai in Thailand with Chongqing in China via Laos. The inaugural service, which carried Thai agricultural products like dried longan, marks a significant step in enhancing rail connectivity under the New Land-Sea Corridor project. This project is designed to improve trade routes between Southeast Asia, China, and Europe.

Chongqing as the Central Hub

Chongqing, a major city in southwestern China, is being positioned as the central hub of this project. The ceremony in Nong Khai on Dec 29 was attended by Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Captain Thamanat Prompow, along with representatives from various Thai and Chinese logistics and railway companies. A train also left Chongqing carrying industrial sodium sulfate to Thailand.

Belt and Road Initiative Implications

The development of this direct cargo rail link is part of the expansive Belt and Road Initiative, aiming to connect Asia with Africa and Europe through a network of land and maritime trade routes. This initiative is expected to facilitate increased trade and economic cooperation between the regions, creating new opportunities for growth and partnership.

Source : National News Bureau of Thailand