Take Profit Trader

Take Profit Trader has become a beacon of empowerment and education for traders worldwide. This innovative platform embodies the spirit of transformation and personal growth.

Take Profit Trader’s vision transcends ordinary trading platforms, emphasizing free quality education, unmatched customer service, and transparent funding opportunities. Unlike typical “prop shops” that often impose confusing rules and barriers, Take Profit Trader’s mission is to redefine the industry. It prioritizes traders’ needs and focuses on fairness and accessibility. The company offers features such as 24/7 customer support, the ability to trade multiple asset classes, and instant withdrawals.

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Take Profit Trader

Take Profit Trader is a pioneering trading platform founded by James Sixsmith, a former professional hockey player who embarked on a trading journey.

Sixsmith’s journey from the ice rink to the trading floor was anything but smooth. After retiring from hockey, he found himself lost in the intricate world of trading, losing nearly $150,000. However, with resilience and the assistance of an experienced teammate, he turned his fortunes around. The painful experiences and lessons learned inspired him to create Take Profit Trader, with the mission of helping others navigate the often treacherous paths of trading.

Take Profit Trader emphasizes customer-centric values. It aims to distinguish itself from typical “prop shops” and funding companies by eliminating unnecessary barriers and frustrating rules. The mission behind Take Profit Trader is to create a trading utopia, prioritizing customer needs and striving to redefine the industry through innovation, integrity, and service. It represents a fresh and accessible approach to trading, making it appealing to traders at all levels of experience.

In an industry often marred by complexity and unscrupulous practices, Take Profit Trader is a testament to Sixsmith’s commitment to changing the game. His journey from hockey player to trading guru symbolizes the platform’s ethos – resilience, education, and support, all bundled into a trader-friendly package.

The Vision Behind Take Profit Trader

The vision behind Take Profit Trader is far more than just a business model; it represents a fundamental shift in how the trading industry can function. Spearheaded by James Sixsmith, this vision aims to transform the trading landscape by focusing on ethical practices, customer-centric approaches, and tangible value delivery.

Sixsmith’s dream for a trading utopia embodies ideals that put the trader first. It involves free quality education, unmatched customer service, fair access to funding, multi-asset trading, and instant withdrawals. These components collectively form the building blocks of Sixsmith’s vision for an honest, transparent, and comprehensive trading experience.

The vision for Take Profit Trader goes beyond the surface; it’s about creating a space where traders can learn, grow, and succeed. The company exists not merely to fill a market gap but to redefine what it means to support traders genuinely. It is not just a platform; it’s a philosophy that recognizes traders’ real needs and aspirations, providing a more humane and value-driven approach to trading.

Take Profit Trader’s Features and Services

After reviewing Take Profit Trader‘s features and services, I can see they’re not random add-ons but reflect deeply rooted values. Here are some of the most powerful features I came across:

An Easy and Straightforward Process to Funding

Accessing trading funding has often been akin to a maze with twists and irrational trading rules. Take Profit Trader aims to revolutionize this aspect by providing transparent and fair access to funding.

Unlike others, the tests are simple and designed to assess a trader’s ability without ridiculous conditions or hidden agendas. Its evaluation only requires five days of trading, meaning you can start trading using your Pro Account in less than two weeks. This approach is seen as a beacon of fairness, transparency, and respect in an industry often more interested in profiting than nurturing talent. It ensures a level playing field where skills and knowledge are genuinely evaluated. Guided by these principles, Take Profit Trader is fast becoming a preferred destination for traders seeking fair and achievable funding opportunities.

Trade Multiple Assets

Take Profit Trader stands out by offering access to multiple asset classes. This commitment ensures a diversified trading experience, including futures trading. The provision to trade across all asset classes allows traders to explore various opportunities, tailor strategies, and benefit from portfolio diversification.

An Ocean of Knowledge

Take Profit Trader is not just a platform for trading; it’s a hub for learning and growth. Rooted in the belief that quality education should be accessible to all, it offers various educational resources. This commitment stems from James Sixsmith’s previous work with Trade Context, where he combined trading education with third-party funding.

From the raw beginner to the seasoned trader, there is something for every learner. The platform offers free access to quality courses, webinars, live seminars with experts and industry leaders, and in-depth guides and tutorials.

You can also engage with a community of like-minded traders, fostering collaboration and peer-to-peer learning. It is truly a trading program that allows you to hone your trading skills and trading style while being apart of a vibrant community.

Instant Withdrawals

Nothing is more irritating for traders than a delay in accessing their profits. Recognizing this, in addition to offering up to 90% profit split, Take Profit Trader has implemented a wallet system that enables instant payouts.

Traders enjoy immediate access to their funds and have complete control over their profits. These quick payouts allow them to manage their money on their own terms. I believe this transparent and efficient process enhances trust in the company’s operations.

A 24/7 Support

In today’s automated world, Take Profit Trader’s commitment to real, human interaction sets it apart. With around-the-clock customer service, genuine assistance becomes integral to a premium trading experience. This commitment is realized through the live chat feature, which provides almost 24/7 availability to assist with any concerns or inquiries. Real human interaction, quick efficiency, a caring approach, and constant availability characterize the Take Profit Trader customer service. It transcends mere problem-solving to build trust and relationships with individual traders. This unique and personalized approach resonates with Take Profit Trader’s philosophy of being genuinely committed to the customer’s success.

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Take Profit Trader Alternatives

If you are unimpressed with Take Profit Traders powerful benefits, there are other options available in the prop trading game. One such company that has been making waves is TopStepTrader. One of the best prop firms for Day traders and Futures traders seeking more capital, TopStepTrader has built an international following, with traders from 143 different countries trusting them as their proprietary trading partner.

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Another Take Profit Trader alternative that deserves mention is Apex Trader Funding. Standing out with their easy-to-understand challenge rules and competitive profit splits, Apex Trader Funding gives traders more freedom in their trading activities than most other prop firms.

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Take Profit Trader Promo Code: How to Use The Promo Code

To take advantage of my Take Profit Trader discount code, follow these steps:

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  3. Hit the Apply button to activate the discount and enjoy a 50% reduction on your order.

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Take Profit Trader is more than just another name in the trading industry; it is a revolutionary platform for novice and experienced traders. With its unique features and commitment to changing the game, the company has quickly become a go-to destination for those looking to make a mark in trading.

Under the guidance of James Sixsmith, Take Profit Trader is redefining what it means to trade. With a focus on integrity, innovation, and empathy, the platform offers a trading experience without frustrations and complications.

With Take Profit Trader, the future of trading looks brighter, more accessible, and full of potential. Don’t just follow the crowd; be part of a platform that’s in it for you.

Explore Take Profit Trader and discover the unique offerings that set it apart. Use my Take Profit Trader promo code ‘MODESTMONEY’, save 50%, and let your trading journey soar to new heights.

Save 50% with Take Profit Trader promo code ‘MODESTMONEY’


Is The Take Profit Trader Coupon Code Available For New Traders?

Yes, my Take Profit Trader Coupon Code of ‘MODESTMONEY’ is available for new traders to receive up to 50% off their orders.

Who Should I Contact Regarding Questions About The Take Profit Trader Discount Code?

Should you have questions regarding voucher codes, order discounts, challenge regulations, subscription options, or any other inquiries, you’re encouraged to reach out directly to the Take Profit Trader team. They are available through various channels, though it’s worth mentioning that they tend to reply faster to queries made via their social media platforms. For more information about the team and to make inquiries, you can visit:

Can I Use Multiple Take Profit Trader Promo Codes At The Same Time?

The Take Profit Trader promo code, like most other promo and discount codes, can’t be used together. Coupon stacking is not allowed with Take Profit Trader.

Does Take Profit Trader Offer Student Discounts?

At the time of writing this, I have been unable to find any student discounts. Although there aren’t any specific student discounts available, students can apply my discount code of ‘MODESTMONEY’ to save 50% at checkout.

What Is A Take Profit Trader Promo Code?

A Take Profit Trader promo code is a set of letters and/or numbers that when entered at checkout, will give you a discount on the price of your order. My promo code of MODESTMONEY will give you a 50% discount on your order.


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