Nowadays, it’s already common for celebrities to own different businesses. Celebrities are diversifying their income sources, from food businesses like Pia Wurtzbach’s Pia’s Kitchen and online stores like Julia Barretto’s The Juju Club to big-time businesses like Kathryn Bernardo and Piolo Pascual’s posh resort. However, it’s quite seldom to see a celebrity selling street food, and by street food, we mean the literal, no-fuss, simple street stall selling pares. That is why the photo of “Its Showtime” Ms. Q and A Grand Winner Juliana Parizcova Segovia selling street food went viral on social media.

Juliana Parizcova Segovia Helps His Mother Sell Pares
Image by Darryl Yap via Facebook

On Facebook, director Darryl Yap expressed his admiration for his close friend Juliana for not being reluctant to work on the streets to assist his mother in selling pares. According to Direk Darryl, Juliana doesn’t need to sell street food as he already owns a car, his own place, and a business. However, Juliana won’t hesitate to go to great lengths and travel to help his mother, who sells pares even when the weather is bad.

Direk Darryl explained, “May sariling sasakyan, may sariling condo, may sariling munting negosyo. Pero konting patak ng ulan, uuwi ng Pasay para palitan ang makulit na Nanay na ayaw sumilong dahil ayaw mawalan ng benta.” [He owns car, condo and a small business. But when the drizzle of rain started, Juliana hurriedly came home to Pasay to help his mother who wouldn’t stop selling pares because she didn’t want to lose sales.]

In the photo, Juliana can be seen with a hand towel for his sweat while scooping pares. Direk Darryl added that the picture only made him admire his friend more. He wrote, “Iba yung sanay sa hirap, hindi takot sa trabaho. Ang tanging kinatatakutan ay maghirap ang mga mahal sa buhay.” [It hits differently when one is used to poverty. Hard work doesn’t frighten them. Their concern is watching their loved ones struggle.]

According to Direk Darryl, Juliana decided not to film any content in order to ensure that he could support his mother and keep her dry. He jokingly remarked that their pares is delicious and extremely tender, as it should be since he lacks teeth. But what he is most proud of about Juliana is his soft heart.

Direk Darryl wrote, “Pero mas malambot pa rin ang puso mo laban sa lahat ng karneng pinagpupuyatan nyong ibenta. Mahal kita Juliana Parizcova Segovia at pinagmamalaki kita.” [But your heart is still so much softer than the beef you sold. I love you, Juliana Parizcova Segovia, and I’m so proud of you.]

A good pares is definitely worth any entrepreneur’s hard work. For instance, a former “kariton” vendor became a millionaire, thanks to his bestselling pares. There are many more success stories of pares store owners that might convince you to get started working on your winning recipe. Good luck!

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