Pure Evil Gallery in London will be celebrating 50 years of British skateboarding in an upcoming exhibition, London Calling!, from 17th August to 10th September. This exclusive curation will take visitors on a journey back to the 1970s to explore the vibrant legacy of skateboarding in the UK.

The exhibition will showcase archival imagery of pioneering skaters, early UK retailers, skateparks and brands that have helped shape the landscape of British skateboarding and made the sport popular. It will also serve as a reminder of the rich history of skateboarding in the UK.

Lorna Milliken, spokesperson for the exhibition, said: “This is an immersive exhibition that celebrates the influential figures and cultural milestones that have shaped British skateboarding over the past five decades. We invite everyone to join us and commemorate the pioneers, explore the evolution of the sport, and appreciate the artistry and passion that has made British skateboarding a dynamic and enduring cultural phenomenon.”

Pure Evil Gallery’s London Calling! exhibition promises to be an exciting look at the history and culture of British skateboarding. For further information, contact Lorna Milliken at lornampr@outlook.com or 07770435840.