AT&T Certifies SignalFire RANGER Transmitter as “FIRSTNet Capable”

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry, a leading manufacturer of industrial wireless telemetry products, is proud to announce that their RANGER cellular transmitter is now certified by AT&T as “FIRSTNet Capable.”

As a FIRSTNET-approved device, the RANGER can serve as part of the independent communication network built for America’s first responders and the extended public safety community including law enforcement and fire protection services.

AT&T was selected by the federal government to build and manage FIRSTNet. According to the telecommunications company, FIRSTNet is the only national wireless platform that features a dedicated platform for routing FIRSTNet traffic, making it reliable and secure for public safety. It also provides dedicated coverage and capacity when needed.

The RANGER cellular transmitter will serve in a FIRSTNet network to transfer information gathered from sensing devices directly to the cloud, avoiding congestion with regular cellular traffic. Bypassing local networks, RANGER provides a more secure connection uncrowded by other traffic. Offering a web- and mobile-friendly SignalFire Cloud interface, the RANGER allows users to remotely monitor assets, view trends, and receive alarms either by text or email. It provides access to data in real-time on a laptop, PC, or mobile device.

In application, the RANGER could serve as part of a FirstNET network to inform about adequate water pressure, natural gas pipeline pressure, valve positions and more. The cellular transmitter could also alert the police department to different emergencies such as reservoir levels for public safety in advance of a road flood.

The RANGER underwent intensive testing for security and network stability to become a FIRSTNet-certified cellular device to be provisioned on the network.

“The RANGER design meets the cellular requirements for reliability in serving as part of a FIRSTNet network,” says Josh Schadel, GM/CTO of SignalFire.

Sandro Esposito, VP of Sales & Marketing for SignalFire, added:

“When configured as part of a FIRSTNet network, our cellular transmitter will enable mission-critical measurements to be reliably received in SignalFire’s cloud monitoring platform (or other platforms) whenever networks are congested.”